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Q1.How much does it cost to have designs digitized?
Q2. How do I get a quote or place an order?
Q3.Is stitch estimate free? And how long does it take?
Q4.Do you charge for additional fee for edition?
Q5.Where are you location?
Q6.How do I get my finished embroidery design?
Q7.What format do you offer?
Q8.What digitizing software do you use?
Q9.Which brand machine is better?
Q10.What artwork is common format that the embroidery company would like? And what is the common format embroidery machines use?
Q11.What payment methods do you accept?
Q12.How long is your term?
Q13.What “dst” is?
Q14.Which types of stitch include
Q15.What is your working time?
Q16.How long will it take to get my digitized design?
Q17.Do you sell your stock designs?
Q18.What if I don't like my job?
Q19.Could you please send us a few samples so we can evaluate your workmanship?
Q20.Do you have any special offer for bulk quantity?

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